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SOSD Flag Day 2014

SOSD Flag Day 2014 09 Nov 2014 - Sunday Our previous flag day last year was our largest event then, filled with activities, and amazing memories. In the blink of the eye, Flag Day is back! Flag Day 2014 is bigger, better, and filled with exciting new initiatives and designs- details will be unveiled soon. We need…


Cornerstone Cafe Adoption Drive

Our dear Shaw here is turning 5 months soon, and if he could make a wish, we’re sure he would wish for more treats and toys. Our wish for him is of course, a loving home to call his own. He is very lovable and friendly. Fostered with his 2 brothers, Scott and Shakespeare, he…


Adoption Drive @ The Tea Party Cafe

Puppies galore! With more than 60 puppies on hand, SOSD is ramping up its rehoming efforts. Our next drive is next Sunday, 20 Jul! Meet our Prince Charming (白马王子), Kydo, 4mths old, who is literally 白 (white) from head to toe. With that pink nose, he has also been called “babe” and “piglet”. Kydo not…


SOSD Adoption Drive @ SRC

We will be having our next adoption drive at home next sunday! The drive will be held at our very own shelter, also know as- SRC (SOSD Rehabilitation Centre). The drive will be from 1230-430pm, and we will be featuring 20 of our puppies! This number never seems to get smaller even with so many…

Timbre @ Gillman

Timbre @ Gillman Adoption Drive

  Our upcoming adoption drive is another exciting one, for more reason than one! We are holding it at Timbre@Gillman Barracks for the first time – Lush surroundings, quality food, delicious beverages, along with SOSD’s rescued dogs and puppies to complete a satisfying weekend! This adoption drive is also the first one after SOSD was…

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31 August 2014, Sunday

11:30am (approx. 45 min)
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